Upcoming duo: Davidor and Moustafa

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For those of you who’ve read my first article: Haitian Music Industry: Underground artists  some of this article’s content will seem pretty familiar. As for those of you who are new to my blog and are reading about this for the first time, here are some of the things you need to know about the Haitian Music Industry and its underground artists.

Underground artists

The “Haitian Music Industry” consists of a lot of talented artists. However, music listeners, are missing out on a lot of Haitian artists because they don’t get as much exposure. Granted, regardless of the genre the artist chooses, it is always hard for them to instantly make it. However, I feel that certain “Underground” artists don’t get the encouragement nor the credit they deserve. We live in an era where real talent/hard work is overlooked, yet mediocrity is supported and applauded.

Whether it’s as a rapper, or a singer, there are artists who deserve a shot and I believe it  should be given to them. We need to start encouraging real talent, artists who are on the come up, who’ve worked hard but have never been supported by our Haitian media outlets, or by people who have real social media platforms they could’ve used to help them but chose not to. And most importantly, I want the upcoming generation to stop supporting popularity and support real talent, and I hope by the end of this article— I won’t be the only one who thinks so.

Meet D&M, a duo composed of two DJ/Producers— two Haitian brothers who joined forces and decided to make their way into the music industry in Haiti.

Davidor & Moustafa

Muhreah: Who are D&M and what do you do? Please, tell us about yourselves.

D&M: D&M is a Dj/Producer duo, based in Haiti. This duo is composed of two brothers—DaviD Dorélus and Emmanuel Dorélus. David is known as Davidor and Emmanuel as Moustafa.

Muhreah: When and why did you both decide to merge your sounds and create a band?

D&M: We both used to get the same gigs, we would both plays our sets during the same parties/ events. Which eventually led us to come up with the brilliant idea of merging our sounds. After a while we both started to wonder why we weren’t standing in the Dj booth. After a lot of planning, we finally agreed upon launching D&M in 2017.

Muhreah: What’s your background?

D&M: We are both Haitians. Our parents and grandparents were born in Haiti and we’ve lived in Thomassin our who lives.

Muhreah: What exactly drew you both to the music industry?

D&M: We come from a family who’s very passionate about music. We have a brother of ours who’s a singer— he sings konpa though. The two of our brothers are Djs. They were the first to attract us towards the music industry. We then started to listen to international DJs, such as: David Guetta, Avicii, Lost Frequencies and many others— it all inspired us to venture into the music industry, for good.

Muhreah: Have you guys collaborated with any other artists or do you guys stick to creating music together?

D&M: Yes, we’ve collaborated with other artists such as: Reylex, EdK— a very talented and promising young artist who collaborated to a joint project titled “Gade Yo”. We also collaborated with Tarrah, a young singer who has a very very beautiful voice. You have to hear it. We created and merged our own sounds, which will soon be released.

Muhreah: Name some of your biggest influences:

D&M: Wow. That’s tough. We’ll go with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, DJ Ash, DJ Puffy and many others. We’ll leave it at that because we’d have to spend days giving you names if we were to name all of them, haha.

Muhreah: What are you guys working on right now?

D&M: We are currently working on a super cool project. We plan on releasing an EP that will feature some artists of the artists we’ve mentioned above— the only addition to that list would be Born King— who is a Dominican artist. The content of the EP will also vary in genre/style. It’ll be a cool mix of “Raboday”, Afro, Moombathon and more.

Muhreah: How do you both balance your music with other obligations— may it be school, friends and etc. ?

D&M: Honestly, it is sometimes very difficult to balance our musical lives, our academic lives and private lives. But, we both knew what we were getting ourselves into and our friends and family support our work— hence, we know we have to get it done. Their support is a constant reminder of the goal we’re working towards, so we manage.

Muhreah: What type of music are you able to create?

D&M: We’ve created our own genre, “Afro Rara”. We use sounds that we often hear in traditional “Rara” bands. We always aim to come up with a unique vibe that brings us closer to our culture, yet we simultaneously try to keep it at an international level so that individuals who are not Haitians— may enjoy them.

Muhreah: I understand that you guys recently embarked on this journey together— However, what has been your most difficult challenges in the music industry, so far?

D&M: Our biggest problem remains the fact that in Haiti, we do not really have a strong— structured and supportive music industry. There aren’t any rules or any structures applied in regards of copyrighting. The other big problem is that we, Haitians do not give enough credit to young DJs or producers. It often is because we confuse talent with age and popularity. They will prioritize and support an older DJ because to them— he is more experienced and more popular but not because he has more talent. However, we remain confident that our work will please our audience. We are confident about our musical capabilities and we aim to reach the top. We’ve been planning this project for a while and it is just a matter of time and hard work until everything falls into place.

Muhreah: Have you both gotten a chance to perform together yet? If not, is it something you guys are looking forward to in the future?

D&M: Unfortunately, no. We haven’t had the opportunity to perfom together— it will happen soon though, and we absolutely cannot wait.

Muhreah: What’s next for D&M?

D&M: As of right now, our concern is making sure we keep moving forward and that we keep grinding. Every day is a step closer to our goal. The release of our EP will be a great start for us— It will also help us get to know the general public who’ll discover our new sounds. Let them know that it’s time, D&M is coming.

Writers Note

There you have it. I hope you guys have enjoyed this article as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Thank you guys for your unconditional support and your amazing feedback. Until next time.

This was, “Upcoming duo: Davidor and Moustafa” written by, Muhreahwrites.

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