Exclusively mine

Artwork: muhreahwrites

I stood there, admiring him from the bedroom entrance. I was squeezing my robe in excitement, concealing my black lingerie. Watching his bare muscles,  I bit my bottom lip as I thought of the amount of time I’d spent dreaming of having my body against his. As I got closer, I realized that he was completely unaware of what it signified to be my lover. Oh, honey. I thought. After today, there was no forgetting me. Once he sensed me approach him, he stopped looking through his files and spun me around, sitting me on his lap. His dull eyes met my hungry eyes and they instantaneously averted to spellbinding — excited ones.  I got up and slowly let go of the piece of clothing on the polished floor, tempting him. His eyes immediately darkened with lust. He eyed me like a predator would eye his prey… The only difference being that this particular prey, desperately wanted to get caught. I had waited far too long for this moment, I planned on savoring every second of it. I would daydream about him fucking me on this very desk, rub my clit over the thought of his long — rock solid shaft inside of my walls. My pussy began to throb without the least delay as I provocatively straddled him… Instinctively, he gripped my ass cheeks, slapping and squeezing them simultaneously. His head slowly tilted to the side, as he brought his finger to my chin, 
”I’m going to fuck you until you’re begging me to fucking stop,” He said. I expected nothing less. 
He brought his right hand to my left breast, cupping it. He used his free hand to unclasp my bra, my tits were now exposed to fresh air. My body shivered in anticipation. His mouth took in a nipple, pinching and licking it until it sored up. I whimpered unashamedly. I had forgotten how much he loved torturing me. I pulled away and singlehandedly grabbed him by the throat, he smiled. He was enjoying this. I smirked and slid my hands down his boxers, gently caressing his dick. I pulled his face closer to mine and pressed my lips against his, he didn’t complain. We went from kissing passionately to our tongues fighting each other for dominance. He knew I loved being in control. My hands started to move downwards, reaching for his now fully erected cock. I sank to my knees, making sure to keep eye contact as I removed his cock from his briefs.
“Sweet Jesus..” I gasped, licking my lips. I was in complete awe. I smiled wickedly as I grasped his throbbing —erect cock and slowly took it into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head, and slid my tongue down his long shaft, voluntarily teasing him. I put him in my mouth and used my hand to stroke his dick at the same time. His moans were uncontrollable. The smell of his arousal was intoxicatingly satisfying, 
I held on to his lower body as I deep throated his meat. He threw his head back as he fucked my mouth. Hard. 
“fuck..” He groaned low and deep, announcing his climax. I smirked, satisfied.
I came close to gagging, numerous times, he’d only grin, he loved the sound.
I slowly removed him from my mouth and took his balls in my mouth, sucking on them while I stroke his hard cock. Saliva ran down my chin, it wasn’t long until he busted a load in my mouth. I made sure I sucked up all his cum and winked at him as I swallowed it..all. 
He quickly grabbed onto my arms and threw me on the bed, attacking my neck. He knew I loved when he tickled my ear with his tongue. He kissed the sensitive crook of my neck and almost instantly, my orgasmic wave began.
He planted kisses on every inch of my body stomach, making sure he awakened every fiber of my body… 
My now — wet black lace panties were gently removed as he placed his mouth to my center, his wet tongue reached far beyond the simple plump folds to the inner reaches. He grinned from ear to ear, as if he had found a Goldmine…
“So sweet..” he murmured 
My moans were uncontrollable… I loved the way his tongue swirled around my clit. His middle and index finger found their way inside of me, yet his mouth was still devouring my pussy. He paused…
“Taste it” he suggested, smiling wickedly. I took his fingers in my mouth and licked on them, tasting my own juices. The air was now filled with my gasps. I involuntarily tilted my head back, gripping on his hair. I whimpered as his tongue entered me, fucking me.
I stopped him and flipped us over. I grabbed him by his jaw, straddled him while trailing a few kisses down his neck… and slowly bit his ear.  He moaned. I leaned towards his face and looked at his lips devilishly before putting my pussy on it. I ground on his mouth, rotating my hips as I tilted my head back, feeling his tongue swirling around my clit. One thing I loved more than kissing him was riding his face. 
He reached up and took a breast in each hand and played ”tune the radio” with each nipple. The painful..yet pleasurable feeling brought me to ecstasy. My stomach tightened… as I felt the urge to cum, pleasure pulsed through my veins. I smiled… and came all over his juicy lips. I rolled over, trying to catch my breath. 
”Come here, I’m not even done with you yet,” he said. 
He bent me over the couch and spread my legs wide open. Pulling my arms behind my back, he handcuffed me. I wanted him, bad. He slowly slipped the head of his cock into my pussy, exciting me even more. In one swift movement, he completely thrusts himself inside of me. My pussy was being fucked hard, and fast. We were so loud that I expected that the neighbors would complain about the noise the following day. I tried to resist the orgasm but to no avail. My body was overwhelmed. He groaned loudly before busting a load on my ass. By now, we were both breathing heavily. He uncuffed me and took me to the bed and our lips crashed to each other one last time. I just hoped he knew that he’d be stuck with me. That he officially belonged to me. Body, mind, and soul.    

He was mine. Exclusively mine. 

One thought on “Exclusively mine

  1. This has been one of my favorites yet because I really love those type of reads. It was vivid, exciting, saek and pleasurable. You took me right there with you. Job well done boo. 🙌🏻😘

    Liked by 1 person

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